Room Item Request

Get Work Done Quicker with Communication on the Go

Skip the call centre and provide your guests a platform to place room item requests through their mobile phones from their rooms. To further improve productivity, the housekeeping team will be kept in communication constantly and requests will be fulfilled promptly as housekeepers move about the property.

Our Clients:

Our Clients:


Operational Efficiency

Reduced manpower dependency on the call centre, especially during peak periods.

Error-free Requests

Reduce erroneous requests over the phone and allow guests the independence of self-service.

Reduced Dropped Calls

Receive less low-impact calls and reduce chance of dropped calls.

Improved Experience

Get items delivered to guests quicker when housekeepers are kept informed on incoming requests

Capri by Fraser, Changi City / Singapore

Mimi Phoon, Executive Assistant Manager

“Vouch’s digital concierge has effectively supported the Operations team at Capri by Fraser, Changi City. It has freed up the call lines for item requests, allowing better management of guests’ feedback. The solution has enabled our staff to focus on delivering service excellence and improving the overall work efficiency.”

Commonly Asked Questions

Room Item Request

When your guest sends in a request order, a ticket is delivered to you through a web-based platform which is accessible on desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. If your housekeepers are equipped with portable devices as they work, they can fulfil requests on the go – saving time for the department and responding to guests quicker.

and hotels rightfully should. On our Digital Concierge, users will be given
access to make requests across a wide range, including pillow and duvet loans,
in stipulated quantities decided by the hotel.

The Vouch Digital Concierge can be integrated with HotSOS, FCS, Knowcross and other Housekeeping software to further increase the manpower efficiencies at your hotel.

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