Promo: Hotel Facility Booking

launch our booking system for your hotel in 3 days at S$300/mth (and we are waiving all set-up fees!)

After months of standstill resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, hotels are now finally allowed to reopen, offering staycations to travel-starved locals. Faced with strong demand, some hotels were quick to resume operations, only to encounter a big challenge not previously faced before.

Vouch SG has launched a new facility booking system for hotels, in addition to an existing suite of solutions available through their digital concierge that assists them in welcoming guests safely during this Covid-19 season. This booking system is powered through guests’ personal mobile devices, with no app download or additional hardware required from hotels.

Hotels can now automate facilities-usage management by allowing guests to pre-book their timeslots for amenities such as gyms, swimming pools and restaurants. Bookings through Vouch’s system does not require staff intervention and the hotel can maintain stipulated occupancy limits hassle-free while avoiding customer disappointment resulting from unregulated facilities access.

The platform is extremely easy to use and your team can have backend visibility on the number of bookings per timeslot or per day, details of booker and even make changes to existing bookings.

One of our client hotels has received more than 580 poolside bookings over just 5 days after they system was launched!

Take the pressure off your call centre today by offering your guests the convenience to place their booking digitally for your facilities. Manage your facilities booking with our digital solution, now available with a limited time offer. At just S$300/month, for a min. 3-month contract period, we can launch the booking system for your hotel in just 3 days! And on top of that, we will waive all set-up fees!

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